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Welcome to ShutterHeart Stories

Our Mission

A collaborative effort of volunteer photographers to provide a way for patients, family members and caregivers to experience nature in times when they are unable to be outside. To bring nature into treatment centers and hospitals to benefit those being served as well as those who care for them.

To create and provide photographs of nature in online stories for patients, family members, and caregivers to access during times of treatment or recovery for encouragement and to reduce stress or feelings of isolation.

Fundraising efforts will purchase electronic devices to distribute to patients or treatment centers for use by those who cannot afford to purchase them so they can benefit from the online nature stories.

The Impact

One of the challenges faced by people undergoing treatment for various diseases is that they often cannot spend time outside due to the effects of their treatments. They can become depressed or feel isolated and stressed. They often are unable to spend any time outside in nature. Likewise their care givers or family members spend hours in waiting rooms, doctors’ offices or at home caring for the patients not having time to spend outside.

Our online photo stories bring nature to patients, families and care givers through a website that can be easily accessed via the internet using a tablet, iPad, laptop, or smart phone.


Compassion – serve patients/families/caregivers by providing virtual nature experiences

Collaboration – involve photographers to contribute diverse portfolio of experiences

Healing – aid in the reduction of stress or feeling of isolation