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About Us

Our Story

“By combining my love of exploring new places and being outdoors with my love of photography I create pieces of art that express what I see and feel.”

– Teresa Coles (Founder)

In April of 2011 Teresa Coles formed a group of hiking photographers who spend time hiking together and shooting photographs around Southern California. She began to post some of her photos to her Facebook page each week. She received emails from people she knew who were in treatments for various illnesses saying that they enjoyed seeing the photos as this was their only chance to see the outdoors due to the effects of the treatments. Teresa realized that not only the patients but their care givers as well could benefit from being able to experience nature thru viewing photographs. Teresa created Shutterheart Stories as a collaborative effort of volunteer photographers to provide a way for patients, family members and caregivers to experience nature in times when they are unable to be outside. We create and provide photo story books made available on this website for patients and their care givers to access during times of treatment or recovery for encouragement and to reduce stress or feelings of isolation.

Meet Our Board of Directors

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