Morning in the garden brings dew drops, sun rise, and the quiet awakening of this special place. As the sun continues to peek over the horizon the songs of the birds rise up to break the quiet. Soft light and shadows fill the garden, this is the best time for photos, and for just sitting and listening to the bird chorus.

As the sun climbs higher in the sky the magic begins, flowers slowly unfold from bud to blossom, butterflies appear and float about tending to the business of pollination. Lizards come out to sun themselves on the rocks and the squirrels are busy collecting their snacks. This is the time you may see an old cat napping under the bush or a bird splashing about in a fountain or bird bath.

As the day comes to an end and the sun begins its descent in the west, once again the light is soft but now has a rosy glow. As the warmth of the sun changes to the chill of the evening, take a deep breath and let the peace of the garden fill your soul. No matter if you are the gardener or the visitor this is the time of day to reflect on the rest and inspiration you have received from a day spent in a garden, visit often….it’s good for your soul.